DIY Door Decor: Snow-in-a-Can Snowman

Do you wanna build a Snowman???

No, really! It's December, but winter weather has yet to arrive (and we southern states don't typically get a snowfall). I'm not leaving it up to mother nature this year-- "I'm dreaming (keyword here) of a white Christmas" so I want to build a snowman! And we don't need "real snow" to do it!

Things you'll need: a few spray cans of "snow" (also comes in color), glass cleaner, paper towels, and a glass surface (window or door).

Now that you've got your materials let's build us a snowman!

Step 1: Use the glass cleaner and towels to wipe the glass free of any dust to have a clean canvas to work on.

Step 2: Spray a little dot towards the bottom of the door, just so you get the feel of spraying the snow.

Step 3: Make the outline (you'll want to spray from about an  8-12 inches distance). Spray in a circular motion and do a very light spray. You'll have to do several light sprays with a minimum dry time of 5 minutes in between each coating.

Step 4: Make your snowman come alive with eyes, a nose, buttons, arms etc. Add in any background details like a snowfall, snowflakes, snowballs etc. You can add glitter (as I sparingly did) or if you have colored snow, spray the sun (although our snowman may not enjoy that).

Note: If your snowman starts "cracking" it just means you didn't allow enough dry time between coats. It wipes off easily, so just try again and wait a little longer.

Step 5: Add any finishing touches you feel your snowman should have. It can be a traditional snowman or a unique snowman-- make it just like you would have had you used real snow!

Your finished snowman should make your house a little cooler and your smile a little warmer. I hope you enjoyed building your snowman (even if it wasn't a snowman). Happy Holidays Everyone!

Erika Law

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