QUIZ: Should You Book a Private Party or Join a Public Class?

So, you've heard about our studio, and it sounds like a such a fun idea! But the only problem is you can't decide whether to book a private event or join a public class. Take this quiz to figure out what you should do!

1.How many guests are you bringing?
A. Just yourself or less than 5 people.
B. 10 or more.

2. Who do you want to paint with you?
A. Anybody!
B. Just family, friends, or coworkers.

3. What do you want to paint?
A.Whatever we chose!
B. A specific or customized design.
If you answered mostly A's: You should join a public class!
If you answered mostly B's: You should book a private party!

Go to www.addiesbabystudio.com to see our monthly paint schedule and/or to get more info about booking a private event. Come paint with us!

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