Painting On A Pretty Penny: DIY Perfume Bottle Design on Canvas

School is right around the corner. Groan, I know. This could mean many things for each of you. If you’re a college student, it’s time for you to decorate your dorm room. If you have kids, your daughter wants to accessorize her room. Or it could simply mean you want something spunky to add to your office at work. Well look no more, this adorable DIY is what you’re looking for!

Step 1: Use the list of supplies (16”x20” canvas, artist's brushes, drawing pad, and acrylic paint) tfrom the previous post.

**Note: I used Apple Barrel acrylic craft paint instead of Daler Rowney for this project. I just bought the colors needed for my perfume bottle.

Step 2: Pick out which type of perfume bottle you want to paint. I chose my favorite perfume, Tease from Victoria’s Secret.

Step 3: Decide how you want the bottle positioned on the canvas. This is where your drawing pad comes in. Sketch out a few different layouts in your drawing pad.

Step 4: Sketch the main outline of the bottle. Here you can cheat a little bit. If the bottle is round use large kitchen bowls and trace them for a good circular outline. Find larger things in the shape of your chosen bottle to us as guidelines so you don’t have to freehand the whole thing. (i.e. rulers, bowls, boxes, cups, etc. ) 

Step 5: Paint your background (I chose black, but you can choose any color.) Let that dry, and begin to paint in the colors of the basic shapes using the large and medium size brushes. Let dry and if desired put on an extra coat.

Step 6: Paint in the small details using the small brushes in your set. Use watered down black for outline and watered down white for glass reflections on the bottle.  (For the fishnet pattern on my bottle is used an extra small brush I had already, but if your bottle doesn’t have small details like that, you will be able to complete the task with only the brushes in the pack from Ollie’s. **refer to previous post**) 

Step 7: Paint the edges of the canvas to complete the look and YOU’RE DONE! Let dry, sign your name, and hang someplace special! 

Share this post with a friend who you think to would love to try this DIY! If you recreate this design, snap some photos and tag us using #PaintDrinkLaugh or #AddiesBabySC. We'd love to see it!

Kaitlin Elmore

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