DIY: New Year's Metallic Wine Bottles

Wanna be more creative in 2016? Get a head start by making this DIY New Year's design to display in your home. Everyone will love it, and it just may motivate you to keep creating all year long! 

Here's what you'll need: wine bottles, corks (optional), sharpies, and tape. Note: I soaked the wine bottles over night to get the labels off and to remove any residue left inside.


Step 1: Use tape as a guide to keep the letters straight, if you need it. I ended up doing this freehand by staying along the fused edges of the bottle.

Step 2: Start by sketching the basic shape of the letter, then go back and add the decorative ends. Note: These metallic Sharpies won't come off with rubbing alcohol like the regular ones, so plan your design ahead of time.


Step 3:  Turn the bottles on the opposite side, and draw lines horizontally down the bottle. Make the a close or far apart as you would like.


Step 4: Use the markers to fill in the top rim by going all the way around the bottle with one color on each section. 

Step 5: Create dots all over the neck of the bottle and around the words. You can make a firework pattern or just a random confetti design.

Step 6 (Optional): I colored the ends of a few corks and traced over the design printed on it. Do this, if you want to place them back on or just have them on display with the bottle


And that's it, a pretty easy New Year's decor design! You can customize it to any color or pattern you'd like. Or even substitute the Sharpies for paint pens, if you already have those on hand. 


Be sure to share a picture with us if you recreate this DIYHave a happy New Year!

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