5 Things You're Definitely Going to Do in Our Paint Class!

After starting out as an intern and still occasionally helping with the paint parties, I've noticed a few funny things that always happen at our events. I'm pretty sure you've witnessed (or done) these things if you've ever attended one of our classes...

  1. You and your friend(s) are going to compare your art skills against each other. 
  2. You will contemplate leaving your design as it is before attempting to draw the "hard" part. 
  3. You are going to laugh with your friends about how "bad" your painting is compared to the instructor's artwork. 
  4. The instructor is going to tell you your work looks "good" and you're not going to believe them. 
  5. You are going to realize it wasn't that hard as you thought and you'll show off your work proudly in the group picture! 

Any of this sound familiar? Don't worry it wasn't just you! It's happened to everyone but, just like this post our classes aren't to be taken seriously. Remember, you're just here to paint, drink, and laugh! Never been? Check out, "5 Tips to Have Fun at a Paint and Wine Class"!

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