The Making of Addie's Baby Fall 2016 Window Display

Fall may not officially be here, but in the marketing world, it starts far before the pumpkins and ghosts begin appearing around every corner. This is why we at Addie's Baby Paint and Sip Studio began planning our Fall window display well before the summer season was over. In this post, we will briefly describe how we researched, sketched and sourced the materials for our display. Stay tuned if you're interested in learning the process of designing a window!

Here's what we started with...

Step One: Google is your best friend. Keywords like "window display," "fall," and "business windows" can bring up so many examples if you're stuck with artist's block!

*Never copy someone's exact design!*

Step Two: Sketch out a few different display ideas.

*The final result does not have to match the preliminary sketches!*

Step Three: Set Your Budget! Finding ways to reuse items you already have will save you a few dollars.

Step Four: Go shopping for items you don't have. Try different craft and home decor stores to see what kind of interesting materials they have!

*Don't pass on stores like Walmart or the dollar store, you never know what you might find!*

Want to know how everything came together? Check out this post to see the construction of the finished window!

Kaitlin Elmore

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