Painting On A Pretty Penny: Ways To Craft On A Budget

One of the hardest things to deal with when being an artistic individual is the price of all the items needed to be crafty. Whether your craft is painting, drawing, or simply hot gluing, here are some ways to create without breaking the bank.

1.       Use Your Phone for More than Snapchat-ting:

If you own a smart phone utilize all of its capabilities. Almost all craft stores nowadays have apps in the app stores that allow you to have coupons and sale dates right at your fingertips. Coupons may be available via email and newspapers, but when you are doing a last minute paint or canvas run to the Hob Lob, you aren’t always going to remember to grab the sale paper.
2.       Shop Smart:

If you’re a beginner to the whole arts and crafting universe, you really don’t have to spend the big bucks on supplies. Canvases and paint alone can rack up the bill in .05 seconds. Don’t worry, though, because all craft supplies do not have to come from Hobby Lobby and Michaels. Ollie’s Bargain Outlet (located on West Evans Street here in Florence) actually has canvases and varying art supplies for substantially cheaper prices than other stores. The fact of the matter is knowing how to shop smart when it comes to your art supplies. Not everyone can afford expensive paint and pencils, but everyone does deserve to create. 


But enough talk about crafting on a budget, it’s time to go shopping so we can all start creating!

Kaitlin Elmore

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