3 Times Our Customers Dared to be Different!

Most of the time our customers try to recreate the design as close to the instructor's work as they can. However, every once in a while someone dares to be different!  Check out some of the awesome ways these painters let their creative juices flow to create some unique artwork.


In one of ourclasses this painter created an awesome achromatic version of our "Peacock" design!


Instead of going with the typical blue background, this painter went for a more bold color for her "Love Anchor" design!


During the holiday season, these three painters took personalization to the next level with their "Ornament & Fancy  Letter" designs!

It's nice to follow directions and recreate the design the exact way of the original, especially if you're a new painter. But, if you've done this a few times, challenge yourself to step outside the box and create something unique! If you've done this in one of our classes, share your pictures with us! 

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