DIY Fashion: Thread Wrapped Bangle Bracelet

I will show you to make the threaded bangle above from the plastic bangle below.

I bought this sparkly, zebra bangle at Hot Topic when I was 15 years old in 2007. You know how it went.  Hearing your favorite songs in the store, buying ACDC and Beatles band t-shirts because you were proud of your good taste in music, the resurfacing of jelly bracelets, and buying gauges, hair bows, and temporary hair dye.  

So my excuse for keeping this bangle was supposed to be in case I ever needed some funky costume jewelry for a themed sorority event, random 80's party or Halloween, but deep down it's one of the items I just didn't want to part with from my teen years haha. Safe to say I totally grew out the whole zebra glitter combination years ago.  My style is somewhat a mixture of different things, but I am into is tropical, earthy looks these days, which is why threading this bangle was the perfect solution to making it work for the current me =)

So here's what you'll need:

1. Thread of any color (yes that is a tackle box full of thread and beads.  Country girl probs.

I actually still have some thread from my Scholastic Friendship Bracelet book I bought at school in 2001 haha  (the yellow thread around the black cardboard) so if you have a stash like I did since I was a kid, use it! If not, you can still buy the same kind of thread at your local craft store.  The colors I used on my bangle are black, orange, green, fuchsia and yellow.

2. Scissors

3. That crazy bangle you were crazy enough to keep but never really use


Step1. Take your first color and loop it into a knot around the bangle.  Leave a tail that you can tie a different thread to later on. Continue to wrap the bangle until the desired area is covered in the thread.  Tie another knot, but leave a tail of thread long enough to tie the next color thread onto it.  Repeat this step with three more colors.

2. After you tie a knot and cut off the thread from the fourth color, tie your black thread onto the tail. Tie it diagonally in an slash shape to the first tail I told you about when you did your first color thread.  After that, bring it diagonally back to the bangle and tie a knot around the bangle with the black thread.  Always remember to leave a tail! This is how your bangle should look after the diagonal ties.

Repeat all of these steps until you cover the whole bangle.  Cut short any tails you don't need at the end.  

At least if my irrational zebra glitter obsession ever resurfaces (highly unlikely), I can take a thread cutter on this bangle haha.

But really, before you go out and buy the stuff you see on Pinterest, look at what you have and try to make it.  My motto is to be creative and frugal =) 


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