DIY Decor: Horse Wine Glasses

These Palomino and Blue Roan horse glasses that I painted were the perfect wedding gift for two of my good friends.  They are great for a horse or nature lover, but they can be modified to whichever animal you'd like to paint!  So be frugal, tap into your creativity and get started! 

What You'll Need
  • Wine Glasses
  • Enamel paint (this means it is dishwasher safe and usually meant for a glassy surface): Red, Yellow, Blue, White and Black
  • Paint Brushes
  • Easel

Step 1. Paint the Horse Body Shape

Mix colors to find a coat color that you prefer.  Paint a wide heart shape towards the rim of the glass on two front and back sides of the glass (painting all around), then paint all the way down just before the stem curves into the bottom of the glass.  Be sure to paint four separate blocks from that point on both sides as the legs.

Step 2. Paint Hooves at the Bottom of Each Leg

Step 3.  Paint the Tail

Turn your glass to what is considered the back.  You want to make the tail look animated, as if the wind is blowing through it.  Use light, natural brushes to mimic the fall of hair to the wind.

Step 4. Paint the Face

Start by painting a diamond shape with the bottom point elongated and more narrow than the top point (head).  Make sure it is a color slightly darker than that of the body.  Paint ears with a fine tip paint brush and be sure to paint black streaks in them as the inner ear .  Select a mane color and paint stringy strands of hair down the top of the diamond to create the forelock.  Paint a white nose (or leave out a different colored nose) and paint very thin curved nostrils at the bottom of the nose.  Make eyes in any shape you'd like, and be sure to use a shadowy color similar to the body color for face contouring.

Step 5. Paint Grass

Paint the bottom of the wine glass green. Cover up the spaces between the legs, and be sure to make the grass stick out in different directions,  Let the glasses dry for an hour.  The cool thing about enamel paint is that it dries really quick!

And you're done!  

 Experiment with color variations and show us what you made! 

Nicole Guest

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