Ezra Brown Gets Florence Into the Groove!

Florence, South Carolina is what many would consider a small town and a small market. It is growing, and its downtown area is becoming more artistically inclined. There are little pockets of culture, art and soul that are easily making Florence more enjoyable. One of these places is Lula’s Coffee Co. Last night, saxophonist, keyboardist, music director, and arranger Ezra Brown entertained the community with a soulful open mic night as Addie’s Baby Paint & Wine Studio was painting live on stage next to the performance. The atmosphere was welcoming and rhythmical. Blue and purple lights were strung across the back drop, and almost everyone was dancing, clapping and singing along with the music. If one could paint the night, it would essentially be Addie’s Baby Paint & Wine Studio’s saxophone painting in which the saxophone seems to come to life with vibrancy and movement.

I always believe there is a certain magic and liveliness that music and art bring with their presence. I watched as almost the whole audience asked for Ezra’s signature and took pictures with him after the show. I wondered that since he made music come to life for so many people, what his personal thoughts are on the beauty of music and its connection with painting.

“I have many new ideas before I meet a new city,” Ezra said. 

As a Florence native, he enjoys playing in Florence because he can see his relatives as well as eat grits and peach cobbler (which we Southerners love). Ezra explained that in other cities, though, the food and sights help him change the whole color or theme of his music. He said music is like painting a canvas, in that the crowd helps determine the colors. 

“How the crowd reacts changes how I play and what I play next,” Ezra said.

His inspiration to play music is helping people. Ezra described music as a spirituality in which you can channel the music to take people somewhere and help them feel good. 

“It’s more than just notes,” Ezra said. “It’s a point of enlightenment. A point of happiness.”

The rainy weather in Florence South Carolina was non existent in the world of soul, community and rhythm that Ezra painted for us.

To learn more about Ezra Brown, visit: http://www.ezrabrown.com/ and Lula’s Coffee Co., visit: https://www.facebook.com/LulasCoffeeCo!

To channel your inner artist and have some fun, be sure to come to the studio to paint with us, and stay up to date with our blog!

Nicole Guest

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