5 Tips to Have Fun at a Paint and Wine Class


1. Plan Ahead!
Make sure you call ahead and RSVP that way you can secure your spot and maybe even find out if there is room for some friends. Drinking wine and exploring your artsy side is always more fun when there are a few familiar faces around!

2. BYOB!
Bring a bottle, or two, maybe three of your favorite wine! There is just something special about using acrylics and kicking back with your favorite Moscato.

3. Make some new Friends!
If you were not able to bring some friends, then have no fear! Everyone who comes into Addie’s Baby is there to paint and sip wine, just like you. So, you can start a conversation with just about anyone because you already have two great things in common! Who knows maybe you will form a friendship that will last a lifetime, or until the wine runs out.

4. You are drinking wine, that doesn't mean whine.
Just Relax. Take your artwork in stride and do the best you can do, that’s all we ask. They all look beautiful in the end, so do not complain. And if by some slim chance it is actually “bad” you can always blame the wine! (lol)

5. Let your creative juices flow.
This is the last and most important step, don't think, just do it! The wine will help ease any creative blocks you have. I promise I've seen it a thousand times. Just do what you feel is best, if you want to make your background purple and pink, then you do that. Your painting is just that, yours. So make it reflect you in some way by adding what you think it needs. Let out all your frustrations and stress onto the canvas. It's cathartic! The canvas is yours and will always be yours, so do not hold back, unleash all of your creative might until you have an amazing masterpiece that you are glad to call your own.

Mason Yarborough

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